Top 10 Conversion Tactics To Boost Your Website’s Results

By Opticommerce | October 11, 2016

It’s all very well having an amazing website, but if what you need is patients in your practice, how can it help?  Here are our TOP TEN TIPS to boost website conversion and drive traffic into your practice.

1. Loading Speed – make sure your website loads fast, nobody wants to wait around for graphics or fancy scripts to finish

2. Mobile responsive – ensure it looks great on mobiles, Google doesn’t like sites that aren’t enabled for mobiles and neither will your customers

3. Grab their Attention – make sure your homepage captures the interest of your target audience, showcase an offer or focus on your practice’s USP

4. Use Video – using video of yourself or your customers and staff can convey a flavour of what your business is like and instantly give your customer the feeling that they know a bit more about you

5. What’s in it for me? Spell out the benefits of coming to see YOU.  Don’t make patients join up the dots and work it out for themselves. Make it crystal clear

6. Be the Expert – make sure your website has searchable, eye care content which will boost your SEO and should sign post readers back to making an appointment.

7. What Happens Next? – make sure patients know what to do next – have lots of calls to action – tell them to make an appoint or how to buy. They won’t do it unless you tell them to. 

8. Give to Get – offer prospects a discount or a downloadable report in return for them giving you their details.

9. Use Testimonials – testimonials and quotes from satisfied customers can help give prospects the confidence to contact, so make sure you highlight how your existing customer feel about you

10. Make it Count – once you’ve captured their information, be ready to upsell and cross-sell using an automatic series of e-mails to build relationships and convert visitors to patients

All Opticommerce web solutions have access to expert clinical content and the ability to track marketing offers, our websites are designed specifically for the optics industry to generate online leads and deliver patients to your practiceContact us to discuss how you could benefit from one of our lead generating ‘done for you’ web solutions.