Frames Cloud

Frames Cloud

Love the idea of a searchable catalogue of all the frames you stock on your site, but worried about the amount of work needed to keep it up to date? Concerned about the negative impact an out of date catalogue can have on the service you offer to prospects and customers?

Look no further! Frames Cloud offers you automatic updates, including professional images of over 650,000 frames across our European and North American databases.


What is Frames Cloud?

  • World's largest database of high definition frame images
  • Database of over 650,000 frame products
  • High quality, professional frame images
  • Products sorted by brand, material, colour, gender and shape
  • All frame product colours simplified and re-categorised into
    ‘recognisable colours’ to enhance filter selections (e.g. manufacturer frame colour description of cobalt, categorised to blue)
  • New brands added on a regular basis
  • Database updated continually with addition of new releases for all brands and removal of discontinued frames
  • Frame description and sizing included

How can Frames Cloud enhance your website?

  • Huge time and cost saving
  • No need to spend hours trying to photograph the frames you’d like to showcase on-line
  • Enjoy an automatic update of your website catalogue on a regular basis
  • Benefit from an on-line catalogue that mirrors the current available collection for each of your selected brands
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