Your Optical Brand: How to Tell Your Stories

By Opticommerce | June 5, 2019

What makes one Optical Brand stand out from another? How can you connect with your customers and keep them coming back to your practice?

A cat with no pulse turns out to be a veterinary assistant’s furry hat, a fitness instructor mistakenly runs aerobics at the bingo club, John Cleese accidentally bashes up a police car.

Should’ve Gone to Specsavers.

Every Specsavers advertisement tells a warm, relatable story, but you don’t have to fork out millions to capture the imaginations of your patients.


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Because you are not just an optometrist

You are an independent practice owner, with years of experience in delivering services tailored to each individual patient.

Your expert team is at the centre of your community, serving the eyes of local people and their families.

You invest in the latest technology because you invest in your patients, and you are determined to stay at the cutting edge of the optical industry.


These are the stories that make you stand out from the high street chains!


Opticommerce is a marketing agency who specialise in digital storytelling for optical brands. We develop brand marketing for independent opticians and we employ some of the best copywriters in the country to help craft your narrative.

As an optician you already have an exceptional superpower – you preserve vision.  So how can you utilize story telling to sell yourself online?

Good storytelling forges relationships

It invites the reader/watcher/listener to cast themselves as the leading character in your business’ narrative and buy into the stories behind the products and services of your optical brand.  This allows you to offer personal significance beyond practical ‘vision-correction,’ so when you communicate online, always address the question – how can your offering transform your patients’ lives?

  • A pair of designer glasses isn’t just a practical commodity; it’s a handcrafted piece of heritage that can continue its story by transforming your style and securing you a promotion at work.
  • Contact lenses aren’t just vision-correcting pieces of silicon; whether you’re on a bike ride, on holiday or at a wedding they have the power to completely transform your vision and appearance.
  • An OCT machine isn’t just a high tech eye-scanning device; one day it could help us identify the first symptoms of the macular degeneration that runs in your family and prevent you from going blind.

Optical Brand Emotional Story Telling Woman with new glasses on phone

Good storytelling engages the local community

By anchoring your practice in the narratives of your employees, patients and people in your local area.  Feature photographs of your staff and loyal patients on your website, post their testimonials on social media and encourage reviews to spread the word.  Write blog posts about work you do with schools, charity fundraisers or village fairs – by putting the stories of your people first, you position your optical brand as relatable, warm and at the beating heart of your local community.

Good storytelling puts emotions first

When a patient chooses an independent optician, they’re looking for the emotional and personal value that can be derived from the services you offer – you could help their child read for the first time, you could help their grandmother recover from cataracts, you could transform their look and help them secure a promotion.

These human experiences are laden with feeling and you can use them to forge emotional pathways between your patients and your products.

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