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Product Upload & Database Management Services

The Electronic Product Link Saves You Time & Money

Electronic Product Link

Maintaining the product database in your website is an essential part of your E-commerce strategy

With your Opti-commerce Content Management System, you can load all the products you wish to, into the database, so that they can be displayed by your website with information such as sizes, descriptions, and delivery information.

On average, it is possible to upload 6 products an hour – so you can calculate how many hours are required for hundreds or thousands of products..


For those business owners who prefer to save time, you can get us to do the uploading for you. This service can save you weeks, if not months of time uploading product images and descriptions into your website.


Now, you can get an entire collection of product images, complete with descriptions and size information linked to your OptiCommerce website –in a matter of a few short days.


You don’t have to go through all of the time, effort and expense involved in uploading and managing 1000s of products for yourself.


You may only want to have one or two brands of products uploaded. There is a fee per brand setup and link.


If you need 5 or more brands from any single supplier/catalogue, then there is a single bundle fee attached to setup each supplier product link.


Perhaps you have only a few dozen products you wish to have uploaded. You provide us with the data, and we’ll setup and upload them for you at a reasonable hourly rate.


With 6 products uploaded every hour you’ll only pay for what you need.

Electronic Product Link (EPL) - Database Management

Once you have your database of products, descriptions and prices uploaded into your system, each month, you will need to keep the database up to date.


If you only carry a small number of products, you can do this yourself or allocate a staff/team member to do this.


On the other hand, if you are showing several 1000 products on your website, you may want to consider our EPL service to save you a lot of time and money.


This service will refresh your website products regularly, removing those that have been discontinued (by making them ‘inactive products), and adding in new lines to your range.


New products will appear in your “New Products’ section of the website.


OptiCommerce will take care of your product database for you allowing you to focus on growing your business and looking after your patients/customers.

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Electronic Product Link Saves Time & Money

Let OptiCommerce Take The Strain of Database Management

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