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Reach Your Target Audience by Harnessing This Traditional Yet Highly Effective Advertising Medium.

Connect with customers using high impact direct mail to enhance your advertising return on investment (ROI)

Monetise your patient database and impact your local optical market by using

direct mail campaigns to boost your sales

Discover Powerful Direct Mail Messaging For Amazing Results


When you have your customers' names on direct mail, the impact is much higher.


With direct mail, your existing and prospective customers get your message in their hands. Done well, this is super powerful.


Use sports events, seasonal events, birthdays in direct mail marketing pieces to enhance response rates.


Improve the impact of your reminders by using direct mail. OptiCommerce can help you to send personalised direct mail and bolster your response rates as a result.







With direct mail, you can reach specific groups of people with ease. Your optician practice should market to those people who may consider buying your products or services.


Its relatively simple. Select prospects by postcode, area, income, social class, gender and age.


Reaching your prospective customers by direct mail is easy - simply create your customer profile and mail out appropriate material to them.





Keeping track of how many people respond to your direct mail campaigns is very important so that you know what marketing is working, and what isn't.


By using specific web addresses/landing pages, tracking phone calls, or using vouchers for customers to bring into the practice (or use online), you can accurately measure the success of all of your direct mail campaigns.


OptiCommerce can help you create responsive direct mail pieces, and advise on how to keep track of response rates so that you can calculate your ROI.




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