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Use Digital Marketing To Generate More Profits

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Be smart & use automated e-mails

Autoresponder technology is the smart-marketer's secret weapon to create and nurture strong customer relationships.

Do The Work Once - Benefit Year After Year

Once your series is set-up, you don't need to anything! Saves you an enormous amount of time, whilst reaching thousands of customers with ease.

Deliver powerful messages on a regular basis

Deliver useful information for your patients at present intervals, so you never forget to keep in touch

Broadcast online

Send key messages to all of your groups using broadcasts.

Become an expert - automatically!

By sending out information about eye-care to your customers regularly, you will become the local eye-care expert in the minds of your clients.

Simple integration with any website

OptiCommerce can help you to set-up and integrate your data capture forms with your new or existing website

'Power-Up' your marketing communications and save yourself hours of time, whilst increasing conversions dramatically.


Automated e-mail series can help establish great customer relationships.


OptiCommerce can help you set up and integrate auto responder technology within your website.


Every successful website needs an autoresponder. Make sure your business doesn't overlook this incredibly powerful tool.


Are You New to E-mail Marketing?


If you are considering using E-mail marketing to reach your existing and new clients, then you are certainly on the right track. E-mail marketing is a very powerful and extraordinarily cost-effective way to communicate with your patients and customers. The measurability of E-mail marketing using our software means that it is a dream when it comes to making decisions which can boost your return on investment (ROI) and is far less time consuming than direct mail marketing.


How do you go about ensuring success with your e-mail campaigns? Well, here are a few top-tips.



Professional E-Mail Design

Deliverability of your E-Mails

Tracking and reporting of E-mails

The quality of your e-mail design can really help give your customers the confidence in your practice and your brand.

Our E-mail marketing module comes with professionally designed templates ready to use. We can also design bespoke templates for you to take your e-mail marketing to another level yet again.

Did you know that most e-mail actually never reach their destination?E-mail filters often just send them to SPAM. Authentication of the sender, the Email, content, the Email title, as well as reputation are crucial factors in determining whether your e-mails actually reach the desired ‘inbox’.

Imagine sending out some recall letters and knowing exactly....


How many letters reached the correct front door how many were opened?

How many were read and how long was spent reading each one?

Who didn’t open the mail?

Who actually decided to go to your practice or purchase online as a direct result of the letter?

Sounds like a dream marketing tool?


Well, with our e-mail marketing solutions, this is precisely the type of information you can have at your fingertips

about the e-mails you send out.


Just think of how targeted your marketing can be with this powerful information at hand.



OptiCommerce makes E-mail marketing simple and cost effective.


Our easy to use intuitive solution allows you to


Send highly targeted and effective e-mail marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

With minimal previous experience or technical skills, you can create e-mails that will enable you to maximize your ROI.

Personalise all of your e-mails with a click of a mouse – helping to boost your response rates.

Save hours of design time and costs – choose from dozens of professionally designed templates.

Tailored payment plans – flat fee or pay per e-mail, from just a fraction of a penny.

Save £1000′s on postage and paper costs every year.


You can send recall letters, promotions, health information, updates, seasonal and birthday greetings, competitions….. in fact absolutely any message you choose to send.


Keeping in touch with your customers is crucial in retaining their business. OptiCommerce makes it easy.

Laser Targeted Marketing

Send highly targeted and effective e-mail marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

Boost Your Response Rates

Personalise all of your e-mails with a click of a mouse – helping to boost your response rates.

Save Money On Postage

Save £1000′s on postage and paper costs every year.

No Technical Skills Required

Do it yourself - or let us do it for you. Easy to use software means you can manage your e-mails yourself.



Advertise to your website visitors

You can connect with people who visited your website, when they are on a different website (not yours)

Easy Setup

OptiCommerce digital marketing experts will set this up for you so you don't have to lift a finger or get your wires crossed trying to understand how to do it yourself.

Reach customers for weeks, months,

or years after they leave your website

Re-marketing lets you maintain contact to visitors to your website for months after they clicked out of your website.

Banner design service

Let us design all of the banners required for your campaign

Increased Conversion​s

Visitors to your website who might have contacted you, but were distracted will see your adverts and as a result, more visitors will eventually transact.

Give The 'Big Company' Impression

Re-marketing will enable your website visitors to perceive you as a large organisation and so will trust you more.

Re-marketing allows you to leverage your web traffic.


You can connect with visitors to your website that did NOT transact with you for months after they came to your site!


Its an extremely powerful tool to help you tap into the hidden gold within your website.







The page upon which your website visitors land can be the difference between success and failure.


At OptiCommerce, we understand what is needed to make a page convert a visitor into a customer.


The OptiCommerce solutions come complete with landing page modules, that can track the success of specific pages designed for specific campaigns.



Pages design service

Great looking pages designed to convey the campaign message perfectly

Pages that capture the attention

We specialise in advising our clients on how to get the viewer's attention

Lead generation forms

Data capture forms integrated into the landing page design to collect leads

Split testing capability

Test your campaign pages against each other and continually improve conversion and capture rates

Integrated autoresponder technology

Automate your communications with leads - save time and increase response rates

Lead management module

OptiCommerce websites allow collection of lead data in 1 place, to allow immediate responses and lead conversion

Go Digital To Grow Your Business FAST!

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